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Water Treatment Biz Introduce

To supply ‘FilONE,’ the water treatment module of Huvis, a subsidiary of Huvis(Korea), in Korea, Huvis Sichuan established a new business division
in 2016, and has since been actively conducting marketing activities to
further develop the water treatment market.

'FilONE' has been applied to various areas in many countries around the world, and its excellent technology is recognized in such areas as municipal, sewage/wastewater treatment and reuse, power plant water treatment and seawater desalination.

Huvis Sichuan is providing technical support so that the best operating method can be derived and the life of modules can be extended, and has
60-year know-how of the water treatment technology. So, it can provide customized services for customers. Huvis Sichuan will transform itself into
a leader in the domestic water treatment market, and contribute to the development of the global environmental industry.